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Expand Local Composting  Initiatives 

The Hudson River Park located in New York City launched a community-based composting program to eliminate the need for the NY Dept of Sanitation to dispose of desirable compost feedstock.  The project required a small industrial shredder/grinder that could help process their landscaping waste, as well as the broader communities household green waste.  Sundance Machinery was able to help them by providing a 4800 Series grinder that is mobile, safe, and produced the ideal finished product for any composting operation.  Read more... 

 Community Composting Kicks Off Expanded Sustainability Efforts 

Reduce Container & Dumping Fees

Sundance Machinery and the Oakland Zoo teamed up to save on the container costs.  The zoo already utilized a tub grinder and chipper for their existing composting project, but they found that they were still spending thousands each month on containers for landscaping waste around the park.  The chipper didn't have the capability to handle the wide variety of biomass the landscape department was accumulating, and the tub grinder was too dangerous to process anything other than straw and manure.  The Sundance 4800 Series grinder was brought in to process that accumulating waste in order for it to be used as erosion control and mulch around the park. 

Mulch Production

Process up to 50 yards per hour with the 4800 Series Sundance grinder.  Whether you are a local nursery, that is tired of paying a mulch distributor with little return or a tree service that would like to add another product offering for their customers, rather than paying tipping fees, the 4800 Series grinder is compact, portable, and productive enough to turn wood chips into money!  

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