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Designed for compost and mulch producers, the new 48 Series grinder is equipped with a heavy-duty hammer mill and a new conveyor infeed for steady and consistent loading.    

  • 8'L x 40"W  Conveyor Hopper
  • Mobile or Stationary Units Available
  • Multiple Power Source Options
  • Simplified Controls
  • Low Maintenance Costs 
  • Connect to other Processing Equipment
  • Load with Skid Steer or Tractor
  • Palm   
  • Hemp
  • Wet Leaves & Grass
  • Manure
  • Food Waste
  • Finished Compost

  • Trimmings up to 6" 

  • Wood Chips

  • Agricultural Debris

  • EFB Processing

Sundance 48 Series Grinder
Processed Palm Fronds
Processed Wood Chips
Processed Finished Compost

Its all about the finished product!

Compost Production

Accelerate your composting operation... use a Sundance Grinder to break down feedstock and increase your surface area exposure to the microbes that are essential to the decomposition process.  The 48 Series Grinder gives you a consistent particle reduction that produces the ideal environment for a successful compost... do a final grind of your finished compost to eliminate the need for screening.

Mulch Processing

Convert wood chips to mulch onsite, and reduce tipping fees...  Wood chips without a plan can become a fire hazard, attract rodents, and can turn into an eyesore.  With a Sundance Grinder you can expand your tree business by adding mulch to your product line.  Create an ideal mulch, add colorant, and eliminate the need to pay sombody else to make money off of your wood waste.  Close the waste loop, expand your business, and save some money on gas.

Landscaping & Biomass

Wait! Don't throw that away!  Disposal costs and dumping fees can have a real effect on your bottom line.  With a Sundance Grinder you can process the material to reduce the volume of debris and increase your container holdings by up to 50% or convert that processed waste into compost or mulch for your customers.

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