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 Richmond Expo!
Thanks to everyone at the Richmond expo for a great time!  We met a lot of friendly folks and resourceful entrepreneurs in the timber industry. 

Sundance Booth at Richmond Expo


Introducing Sundance's 48 Series Grinder: Revolutionizing Composting, Mulching, and Biogas Feedstock Processing

[Virginia Beach, January 05, 2024] – Sundance is thrilled to unveil its cutting-edge 48 Series Grinder, a game-changer for compost and mulch producers seeking efficiency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.


Designed for Performance:

Featuring a heavy-duty hammer mill and a simplified, efficient conveyor infeed, the 48 Series Grinder ensures seamless loading. With an 8'x40" conveyor hopper, choose mobile or stationary units, with multiple power source options.


Versatile Material Processing:

From palm and hemp to wet leaves, grass, wood chips, and key materials for biogas, the 48 Series Grinder handles diverse organics, offering a comprehensive solution for various industries.


Applications Beyond Expectations:

Compost Production:

Accelerate composting with consistent particle reduction, eliminating extensive screening.


Mulch Processing:

Convert wood chips into customizable mulch on-site, minimizing hazards and disposal costs.


Biogas Feedstock Processing:

Efficiently process materials crucial to the biogas industry, contributing to renewable energy production.


Landscaping & Biomass:

Reduce disposal costs by processing materials efficiently for compost or mulch.


User-Friendly Operation:

Sundance prioritizes user convenience with simplified controls and low maintenance costs.


Connectivity and Integration:

Easily connect the 48 Series Grinder to other equipment, creating an efficient workflow. Load materials with a skid steer or tractor.


It's All About the Finished Product:

Whether you're focused on compost production, mulch processing, or landscaping solutions, Sundance's 48 Series Grinder delivers the finished product you desire. Eliminate screening, reduce disposal costs, and contribute to a sustainable future.


Sundance invites you to witness the revolution in composting, mulching, and biogas material processing with the 48 Series Grinder. Elevate operations, minimize waste, and maximize profitability.

For more information, visit or contact

About Sundance:

Sundance is a leader in innovative environmental solutions, committed to transforming waste into valuable resources. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, Sundance continues to pioneer advancements in composting, mulching, and biogas material processing technology.


Press Contact:

James Merchant

VP of Business Development

Sundance Machinery, LLC

P: (757)524-2811

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