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New R3 Composting Infrastructure Grant Opportunity

This Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) solicits applications designed to increase the ability of EPA Region 3 states (Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia and the District of Columbia) to manage food scraps more sustainably through composting. In particular, this NOFO seeks to increase capacity for food scraps composting in the region through the upgrade of yard waste composting facilities. The upgraded yard waste composting facilities will be capable of processing waste food which increases the capacity for wasted food composting in the region. For further details see the NOFO.

The 48 Series Horizontal Grinder is ideally suited for small to medium sized landscape and compost operations seeking to expand. Benefits include:

  1. Process wet, fibrous material, food scraps, and landscaping debris with one piece of equipment.

  2. Eliminate the need for separate screening equipment.

  3. Affordable and easily scalable to sustain a growing operation.

  4. Easy to maintain and right to repair friendly!

  5. Towable - Add revenue streams by processing material on and off site.


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